Click & Collect smart lockers

Click & Collect Smart Lockers: A practical and efficient solution for parcel delivery and collection

Click & Collect smart lockers are an increasingly popular solution for parcel shipping and collection. These lockers operate in a simple but efficient way: customers can choose to pick up their order online at a locker instead of in the physical store.
Click & Collect smart lockers are an increasingly popular solution for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their delivery processes.

Smart Lockers Click & Collect: The safest option for order reception


Click & Collect Smart Lockers offer several advantages for both businesses and customers shopping online, including:

1. Time savings: Click & Collect smart lockers eliminate the need to wait in long lines to pick up packages at a physical store. Customers can pick up their orders online at any time convenient to them, without having to worry about store opening or closing times.
Flexibility: Click & Collect smart lockers offer greater flexibility in terms of collection location. Customers can choose a location that is convenient for them, allowing them to pick up their orders at a location close to their home, work or any other place that is convenient for them.
Security: Click & Collect smart lockers are a secure option for parcel pickup, as customers need a unique code to open the locker. This reduces the risk of packages being stolen or lost during the delivery process.


Notifications to the recipient of the order and to the pick-up store where it is picked up

Possibility to integrate with e-commerce

Easy to deposit and pick up the order by scanning or entering a code



You can choose between different modules for configuring the locker

One of the safest options for order picking

Configuration recommendations for your Click & Collect Smart Locker

Option 1

Option 2

Option 1

Option 2