Locker 4 Rent


We are a company that was created to facilitate the incorporation of Smart Lockers in different sectors of economic activity to help companies and users in their daily work.

The experience of our team with more than 10 years in the commercial field, design, manufacturing, configuration, software customization, as well as the experience of each component of more than 15 years in different sectors, hotel, IT, logistics, retail or business development has pushed us to undertake a common project called Locker4rent.

Do not hesitate

We select hotels, hostels, hostels… where to implement our Smart Lockers system.

We will positively value the availability of video surveillance systems and the cleanliness of the Smart Lockers.

And if you don’t want your customers to pay for using the service, don’t worry, we will surely come to an agreement.

Our projects of Smart Lockers – Smart Lockers

Click & Collect

Buy online and pick it up at any time in our lockers in a comfortable and safe way.

Parcel management

We facilitate last mile logistics by achieving 100% first time delivery.

Key Management

Whether for individuals or for tourist apartments, the easiest way to keep the keys.

Communities of neighbors

The delivery person can deposit the order and you receive your parcels even if you are not at home.

Baggage management

Intelligent luggage lockers, a secure and modern solution for storing luggage while traveling.


Smart lockers, a modern and practical solution for the management of hotel users’ belongings.

Hostels and Hostels

Smart lockers provide security and peace of mind to guests during their stay.