Lockers – Intelligent mailboxes for residential communities

Smart mailboxes for residential communities, with state-of-the-art technology to protect your mailings

These Smart Lockers are a practical and modern solution for neighborhood communities that frequently receive packages and mail.
Intelligent lockers / mailboxes for condomin iums work in a simple but efficient way. When the letter carrier or courier delivers a package or mail, he inserts it in the appropriate locker and notifies the recipient with a text message or email. The recipient will receive a unique access code that will allow him to open the locker and pick up his delivery. Some also offer the option of remote access via a mobile app, allowing you to control access to your deliveries at any time and from anywhere.

Smart Lockers for neighborhood communities, secure deliveries and available at any time


Where can these Smart Lockers be used?

Smart lockers / mailboxes can be used in a wide variety of environments, including:
Office and corporate buildings: smart mailboxes are ideal for companies that receive a large amount of packages and mail on a daily basis.
Apartments: smart mailboxes allow residents to receive packages securely and conveniently, without the need to be at home to receive them.
Universities and colleges: smart mailboxes are a practical solution for storing and receiving student parcels and mail.
Hospitals and healthcare facilities: smart mailboxes are useful for receiving supplies and medications.


What are the Smart Lockers for neighborhood communities?

Smart lockers / mailboxes are innovative devices that have become a practical solution for many companies and organizations today. These devices offer a secure and efficient way to store and receive packages, documents and other types of correspondence.


How do Smart Lockers work for neighborhood communities?

Intelligent lockers / mailboxes use advanced technology to enable the secure storage and receipt of parcels and mail. These devices have several features such as:
Opening and closing controlled by QR code or mobile applications.
Barcode and RFID scanners to track and monitor package delivery and pickup.
Security cameras and alarms to ensure the security and protection of stored packages.
Automated notifications to inform recipients about the delivery of their packages.
In addition, some smart lockers / mailboxes are also equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to ensure that packages are stored correctly.



Smart lockers/mailboxes are much more secure than leaving packages or mail at neighbors’ doors or in community mailboxes. Having a unique access code as the only way to open the locker reduces the risk of someone stealing deliveries.

Remote access

Some smart lockers / mailboxes for condominiums offer the option of remote access through a mobile application. This allows you to control access to deliveries at any time and from any location.


Intelligent lockers / mailboxes for neighborhood communities allow you to pick up deliveries at any time, without having to wait for the letter carrier to arrive or for the community mailbox to be empty. In addition, some lockers have different sizes, which allows to receive deliveries of different sizes and shapes.


We have Smart Lockers that adapt to the needs of the community. If they receive many large packages, they will need larger lockers.


We ensure that the Smart Locker has a location that is convenient for most neighbors. Ideally, they should be in common areas or areas accessible to all.

Configuration recommendations for your smart mailbox for homeowners’ associations

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