Intelligent lockers / Smart lockers

A Smart Locker is a type of smart locker equipped with technology, such as wireless communication, software and sensors, that allows for remote monitoring and management. Examples of features a smart locker/Smart Locker may have include the ability to track when it opens and closes, schedule access using a card or mobile device, and receive notifications in the event of problems or malfunctions.

Smart Lockers offer secure and convenient storage for a wide variety of items, from packages and food to keys and clothing. And be used by individuals, companies and organizations for a wide variety of purposes.

Smart Lockers work through a combination of advanced hardware and software. These lockers are equipped with sensors, electronic locks and interactive screens that allow users to interact with them. Users can reserve a Smart Locker online or through a mobile app and receive a unique code that gives them access to their assigned locker. They will be able to pick up or drop off their items at the locker at any time, using the unique code to unlock the lock.


Benefits of Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers offer a number of benefits compared to other storage methods. These benefits include:


Smart Lockers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that users can pick up and drop off their items at any time that is convenient for them.


Smart Lockers are equipped with electronic locks and security sensors, ensuring that stored items are protected against theft and damage.

Time savings:

Users can pick up and drop off their items in a matter of seconds, reducing the time it takes to perform these tasks.


Smart Lockers can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from package delivery to storage of clothing and other belongings.


At Locker4rent, we install and rent Smart Lockers. All of them are designed to provide comfort and safety to the user, since they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the development of projects related to Smart Lockers / Smart Lockers, in addition to technical support and assistance in the maintenance of the lockers.

Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lockers for residential communities

You’re not at home and you have to get a package? With our smart lockers for condominiums, this is no longer a problem.
Thanks to our lockers, delivery drivers will be able to deliver your orders at any time and you can pick up your deliveries comfortably in your neighborhood.

Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lockers for keys

Key safekeeping is the act of storing or keeping the keys to a building, vehicle or safe in a secure place.
Key escrow is especially important in commercial and government environments where tight control of who has access to certain areas or assets is required.

Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lockers for suitcases

Luggage lockers are places where travelers can temporarily leave their bags while in transit or during a stopover at an airport, train station or other transportation hub. Customers pay a fee for each piece of luggage left in the left-luggage office and then pick it up later.

Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lokers for parcels

Parcels and logistics refer to the process of transporting, storing and delivering goods to customers.

This type of smart lockers allows a delivery person to deliver or pick up several packages at a single point at a time.


Smart Lockers / Smart Lockers for hostels

Hostels using smart lockers are an innovative way to improve guest experience and luggage locker management. These hostels use smart lockers that are opened by a code or card, allowing guests complete freedom to drop off or pick up their luggage.

Intelligent Lockers / Smart Lockers for hostels

Smart hostel lockers are a practical and efficient solution to improve guest experience and accommodation management. They offer comfort and security for guests who do not have to worry about luggage and better management for the hostel staff.

Smart Lockers / Smart Lockers for hotels

Smart lockers for hotels are a technological solution for the management of luggage lockers in hotels. Guests can deposit their luggage in a smart locker, which is usually opened with a code, and then pick it up later using the same method. This allows guests to access their belongings independently, without having to rely on hotel staff.

Smart Lockers / Smart Lokers Click & Collect

Click and Collect is an online shopping service where customers can purchase products through a website or mobile app and then pick them up at a physical store. It is a way to combine the advantages of online shopping with the convenience of picking up your order at a local store. This service is popular with department stores, electronics stores and clothing retailers.

Smart Lockers / Custom Smart Lockers

Custom Smart Lockers are a type of smart lockers that are manufactured according to the specific specifications and needs of a customer or company.

These lockers can be customized in size, shape, capacity and security features. At Locker4rent we adapt to each client and their needs.