Intelligent lockers for keys

Intelligent lockers for key management in the tourism sector

Tourism is a constantly evolving industry. Today’s tourists are increasingly demanding and are looking for personalized and safe experiences. That is why innovation and technology are so important in this sector. One of the latest trends in the world of tourism is the Smart Lockers for keys.

At Locker4Rent we provide you with smart lockers for key delivery in the hotel or tourist apartment rental sector, so that key delivery and collection can take place at any time of the day and week.

Smart Lockers for keys: Organize and protect your keys safely!


What are Smart Lockers for key management?

Smart key lockers are an innovative alternative to the traditional lockers found in train stations, airports, hotels and other tourist sites. Unlike traditional lockers, these smart key tags do not require you to place your bag in a locker. Instead, secure lockers equipped with state-of-the-art technology are used to store your belongings.


How do Smart Lockers for key management work?

Smart key lockers work as follows: first, you must reserve a box through a mobile app or touch screen. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be assigned a locker that can only be opened with an electronic key provided to you. These Smart Lockers are often equipped with security cameras and motion sensors to ensure maximum security. When you return to pick up your belongings, you simply insert the electronic key into the lock and retrieve your belongings.


What are the benefits of using Smart Lockers for key management?

There are several benefits of using Smart Lockers for key management instead of traditional lockers. First of all, smart key locks offer increased security thanks to their advanced technology. The boxes are equipped with security cameras and motion sensors to prevent theft or tampering.
Secondly, smart key locks offer greater convenience. You can book a locker from anywhere via a mobile app or touch screen, allowing you to avoid queues and save time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing your key, as you can access your consignment with an electronic key.


Adapted lockers

The dimensions of the lockers are adapted to the reduced size of the keys.

Total modularity

Modules in various formats to obtain the largest possible number of pigeonholes.

Total control

The collection and delivery of keys is done through a total control of records.


Physical payment options

Card payment gateway or virtual payment gateway in the cloud.

Full management

It allows a complete and uninterrupted management of incoming and outgoing tenants. With a code, you can pick up and deliver the keys 24/7.

Configuration recommendations for your Smart Locker for keys

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Option 2

Option 1

Option 2