Intelligent lockers for parcels

Intelligent lockers, a modern and practical solution for the management of parcel reception and dispatching

Intelligent parcel lockers operate in a simple but efficient manner. When you buy something online and choose the smart locker delivery option, the seller sends the package to the locker. You then receive a text message or email with a unique access code that allows you to open the locker and pick up the package. Some lockers also offer the option of remote access via a mobile app, allowing you to control access to parcels at any time and from any location.

Smart Lockers for parcels are a secure, convenient and modern solution for receiving and storing your parcels. By choosing a smart parcel locker, you can have peace of mind knowing that your packages will be safe and available to you at any time.

Smart Lockers for parcels: the perfect solution for your deliveries


What are Smart Lockers?

Smart Lockers for parcels are technological solutions that are revolutionizing the process of sending and receiving parcels. These smart lockers function as a delivery and collection point for parcels, and are designed to facilitate the process of sending and receiving goods quickly and easily.
Smart Lockers / Smart Lockers for packages are becoming a popular option for people who are unable to receive packages at home, either because they work long hours or because they have an unpredictable work schedule. They are also very useful for business owners who do not want to waste time receiving packages and prefer to leave that task in the hands of technology.


How do Smart Lockers for parcels work?

These Smart Lockers work in a very simple way. The user receives a unique and temporary code that allows him to open the corresponding locker where his package is located. The package is deposited in the locker by the courier company and the recipient receives a text message or email with the code and instructions necessary to pick up the package.

In addition to being a convenient option for parcel recipients, smart parcel lockers are also a very useful solution for courier companies. With these lockers, courier companies can make deliveries more efficiently and reduce waiting time for customers. In addition, these lockers also reduce the risk of lost or stolen packages.




Smart Lockers for parcels allow parcels to be picked up at any time, without having to wait for the letter carrier to arrive or for the post office to be open. In addition, some lockers have different sizes, which allows them to receive packages of different formats.

Notices to the package recipient

Package receipt notices to consignee and pending pickup carrier.

Easy to operate

Simply pick up or deposit the scanned package or by entering a code on the keypad.


Increased safety

Much safer than leaving a package at the front door or in a communal mailbox. Having a unique access code as the only way to open the locker reduces the risk of someone stealing the packages

Remote access

Some Smart Lockers for parcels offer the option of remote access through a mobile application. This
allows you to control access to packages at any time and from any location.

Configuration recommendations for your Smart Locker for parcels

Intelligent parcel lockers can also be customized according to the needs of each company or user. Lockers can be of different sizes, from small for small packages to large for larger packages. They can also be designed with different levels of security, including facial recognition or fingerprint to access the locker.

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Option 1

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