Smart lockers for hostels and hostels

Smart lockers, a modern and practical solution for the tourism sector

Smart Lockers / Smart Lockers are an essential element in hostels and hostels, as they provide security and peace of mind to guests during their stay. In an environment where guests share common spaces, lockers are an excellent way to protect their personal belongings.
These Smart Lockers for hostels and guesthouses are a practical and secure solution for storing guests’ belongings. These smart lockers can be of different sizes and designs, and can be located both in the rooms and in common areas of the hostel or lodge.

Smart Lockers for hostels and hostels
The perfect solution for travelers’ belongings


Advantages of Smart Lockers for hostels and hostels

Security: Smart Lockers for hostels and hostels offer a secure solution for storing guests’ belongings. With a unique lock and key, guests can rest assured that their personal belongings will be protected while they are out of the room.
2. Convenience: Smart Lockers for hostels and hostels are a convenient option for guests who do not want to carry all their belongings with them all the time. This allows them to enjoy the hostel or hostel facilities or explore the city without having to carry their personal belongings.
3. Privacy: Smart Lockers allow guests to have a private space for their personal belongings, which enhances their lodging experience. By having a secure and private space, guests can relax and enjoy their stay at the hostel.


Adapted sizes

It is important to choose smart lockers of different sizes to meet the needs of guests. Lockers should be large enough to accommodate guests’ personal belongings, such as backpacks, suitcases and other items.

Safety and ease of use

Smart lockers for hostels and hostels must be secure and easy for guests to use. Electronic locks are an excellent choice, as they offer greater security and convenience for guests.

Total control

The collection and delivery of belongings is carried out through a total control of records.


Physical payment options

Card payment gateway or virtual payment gateway in the cloud.

Full management

It allows a complete and uninterrupted management of incoming and outgoing travelers. With a code, you can pick up and deliver the keys 24/7.

We adapt your Smart Locker for hostels and hostels to your needs.