Intelligent luggage lockers

Intelligent luggage lockers. A practical solution for storing suitcases safely and securely

Smart Lockers for suitcases work in a simple but efficient way. When the customer arrives at his destination, he can deposit his suitcase in the corresponding smart locker and lock it with a unique access code. Some smart lockers also offer the option of remote access via a mobile app, allowing the user to control access to their bags at any time and from any location.

Smart Lockers for suitcases: Safe and secure luggage


Create your Smart Lockers for suitcases

We can design and manufacture the lockers with different bottoms to place the suitcases lying or standing. Depending on the possibilities of the environment, we can choose the option that best suits your needs.

We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Advantages of Smart Luggage Lockers?

Security: Smart lockers are much more secure than leaving luggage in public places or at the hotel. Having a unique access code as the only way to open the locker reduces the risk of someone stealing the belongings.
2. Convenience: Smart lockers allow you to enjoy a trip without worrying about lugging suitcases. In addition, some lockers have different sizes, allowing you to store suitcases of different sizes and shapes.
3. Remote access: Some smart luggage lockers offer the option of remote access via a mobile application. This allows access to the bags to be controlled at any time and from any location.


Smart Lockers perfect for travelers

Intelligent luggage lockers are a secure, convenient and modern solution for storing luggage while traveling.
Intelligent luggage lockers are a peace of mind for traveling customers and their belongings so that they are safe and available at any time.


Adapted lockers

We know how important space is and we adapt to the environment as well as to the type of luggage of your customers.

Total modularity

Of the furniture and adaptation to the premises, being able to play with 600 or 900 deep lockers to optimize the available space in the premises.

Web project

Integral web project for business management with built-in booking engine.

Physical payment options

Card payment gateway or virtual payment gateway in the cloud.

Access to the premises

By means of an external keypad controlled from the locker and linked to the opening codes.

Configuration recommendations for your Smart Luggage Locker / Smart Locker for suitcases

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3