Box office sales

High-quality metal lockers and cabinets for ALL uses and industries

1 door per column:

Several doors per column:

Lockers with L-shaped doors:

Grid lockers:

Ski lockers:

With all the accessories you need for your lockers in your projects:

Additional trays:


On roofs:

Mechanical Locks:

  • Rigged
  • Teachers
  • Padlock
  • Coin purse without collector
  • Coin purse with collector
  • Multi-user combination

Electronic Locks:

  • With horizontal position
  • With vertical position
  • Etc.

Wardrobe benches:

Single, double, with coat racks, benches, etc:

Lockers for charging different devices:

Mobile phones and tablets:

Cargo locker:

Tool loading locker:

Charging for laptops and tablets: